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more news on the step down of steve jobs and apple we're getting a reaction in san francisco on the stepped down >> there and thinking about steve jobs and to levels they hope that that he is ok and not something terminal
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and why did he stepped down an second the products it is very iconic and out over the place and has truly changed the world hears what some people had to say about steve jobs and how we move around in society >> in the last few years when the application in your hand-held phone everything moved and so much faster to have all that money and then that your health go it is kind of unfortunate our person would >> obviously a lot of sympathy going up to succeed at jobs that this morning apple products continue to thrive and that will never change >> banks for the update and
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is a letter that was released by late steven jobs. jobs had been on a medical leave since the beginning of january he was being treated for pancreatic cancer and then had a liver transplant it'll be a different company with steve our jobs on >> now that balance point has been removed a lot of employees left apple in the past 12 mott said anticipating this now jobs is gone and the balance is removed. coca's handle the job since jobs took a medical leave stock has
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risen 62% during that period of time >> also barry bonds will be back in court today he has a hearing on his request for a new trial or broad acquittal on his conviction of obstructing justice he was only convicted on one of four counts prosecutors have not announced if they will retire if the judge it let speculation stand and state for him to go digital could be announced who >> hurricane irene is pounding the caribbean warnings have been issued for the outer banks of carolina. winds are hundred
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and 50 mi. per hour. it is east of nassau bahamas right now. it will slam at the outer banks said saturday or sunday there are only two bridges to get off these outer banks islands it may hit long island and new york city on sunday and monday. extensive damage is expected here. heavy bands of rain and wind most of the vacation departed on a cruise ship or caught flights out of those remaining will have to hunker down in the hotel's
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everything is packed up on the islands >> the u.s. navy has ordered the second fleet to a evacuate to port this morning order applies to 64 ships hovered 27 ships are moving out at to see and another 28 will go to other areas for for repairs the remaining are already out at sea it looks like the sun is trying to come up and the look of our forecast and still little drizzly out there >> fairly decent fog out there low cloud cover visibility pretty and
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>> this is a satellite view of the fog that cloud cover issue irving as a blanket once the fog burns off things will start to heat up this is a look of current temperatures around the bay area right now mostly in the '50s and '60s by new time of the '80s will start tyrolea andto roll dg inin. kelly will start cooling
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off by the 8:00 p.m. hour at this a look at your seven day forecast were cool off even more tomorrow than saturday and sunday it will go back into the '90s. hambur. then local off once agan for the beginning part of the week now let's look at traffic >> the first half of the 6:00 hour neared at the bay bridge toll plaza still a pretty good ride no metering lights have been activated.
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we're not tracking any hotspots as you drive around the bay first check of bay bridge when volume is picked up a little while. san mateo bridge more volume and no delays on the golden gate southbound 101 >> will be right back is the kron 4 morning news continues and this is look from my mom tam camera ♪
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dozens of navy ships that are leaving port should at this major hurricane to reach them by the weekend. when >> and the two earthquakes we felt yesterday here in the bay area of 3.6 was felt the night before also. it was felt as far up as center rosa. it runs along the hayward fault. >> a live look outside of from our roof camera of downtown san francisco it is foggy and drizzly out there we will have more coming up
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time now 615 may ammonal live look at walnut creek visibility is ok submarined layer is pushing in as far as walnut creek dense pall along the coast and fog drizzle sunny and warm this afternoon temperatures will be too discreet degrees cooler than yesterday now we will take a quick asked look of the satellite view of the fog. hundred dowe're watching tg
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to see if it will create problems at s f alo. that fog is using as an insulation unbeate. we expect our temperats to develop like this '80s are in the delta by noontime and then they go east bay wide. temperatures between 85 and nine debu 90. tha
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look of your seven day forecast in land highs only in the mid '80s lots of sunshine we are looking at lows '70s along the bay and '60s on the coast we will warmup on saturday and sunday and then cooled down once again at the beginning part of the week time now 6188 am >> this has me a little nervous early activation of the metering lights they were set off at 611 a m by judging from all liked the the volume is i'm always surprised there is a backup in the west bound direction.
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h'm you're looking at a slower ride at the bay bridge next your ride to the san mateo bridge 92 sorry that is a highway 580 dog now we are looking at 92 ended and that 101 in the golden gate bridge less fog on the deck this morning volume has been up the past two weeks drive time across the span is unaffected >> we continue to watch these pictures out of norfolk as the entire navy's second fleet is moved out this is and head of hurricane i remind him now we see some marines going
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out to sea they would be safer out see then tied up at the dock the whole second fleet is leaving. >> bart board of directors are meeting after hearing from the public last night on shutting down cell phone service are all having new policy they will shut off cell phone service only on drastic situations they heard concerns of past recent speech this was to stop a protest among the speakers last night was a members of the aclu >> the cell phone network is the use of public form under the u.s. constitution that means part cannot interfere
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on and on reasonable way . >> art has expressed their concern about protesters affecting commuters and disrupting service they did that on monday to protest they think a public hearing is a beginning of a positive change >> i think for the public to tolerate these protest it is gone now be harder to tolerate. when >> the board chairman missed is said it is going to cut take to four weeks to come
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up with a draft for policy and then will be reviewed by a citizens' review board >> their warning about a man driving around high schools and offering students are ride a hispanic man asked a girl for direction when she said she did know he offered her arrive he eventually drove away driving a dark green dodge or as you leave >> two dozen firefighters will be returning to work today news this thanks to a $50 million federal grant this is video been caught when the firefighters began their retraining in july when . >> warren buffett is going
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to invest in a bank of america. and norfolk virginium as a navy fleet leaves port this is all in preparation for hurricane irene they are heading to a safer place we will be right back and laugh.
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writing for the opening bell on wall street as futures were down and we have had three winning days in a row on wall street nasdaq was up 22 asian stocks are up and oil prices are up in
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asia. we are keeping an eye on bank of america stock warren buffett is investing $5 billion in bank of america >> a new poll shows americans all look on the economy is damn more adults are blaming former president george bush then they are blaming of president obama. half of the survey think he should get a second term. >> steve jobs was the balance point of that
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company and now we're going to see a different company >> apple stock after closing took a big drop in we are keeping our eye on apple shares and steve the job when we come back. the bay area -- a place with natural beauty
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opening bell on wall street we sell dell features up and we will see stocks on the rise everyone is keeping their eye on apple's stock with a big story of steve jobs stepping down. in a statement he made her of bear would ever come a time i could not fill my duties as ceo i would step down unfortunately that day has come maybe. he had been
6:31 am
treated for pancreatic cancer and received a liver transplant so we are keeping our eyes on apple's stock it was down 20 after closing yesterday apple stock is now down another $8 per share it is down 5 percent right now man. what is it consumers think of the resignation and we have reactions are a lot around wall street >> we are at the apple store and and this is what they have to offer everything in this abel store was driven by steve jobs everything that is part of society should these days i and don. one is the wish
6:32 am
him well and they hope it is not terminal this what some had the same >> design lies apple continued to be strong and i'm sure they have a succession plan steve jobs as a driving force and the perfection driving force, good managers training under him and i don't know i hope so i love the product >> perhaps it might not be the same. who knows if it
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will continue to be as aggressive as steve jobs as made it through the years we know that the new i pad will be coming down in a few months them b. >> we are getting more comments from our viewers >> if you wanna join in the discussion to join us on our facebook fan page i was asking questions this is some of the comments that have been coming in. whe it
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should like to participate on this lengthy discussion join us on facebook. pete storm higher green is making her way through the bahamas right now most of the islands visitors have departed on cruise ships airports closed is today afternoon those remaining are hunkered down in big hotels. more on hurricane i rain on kron 4 news. we talked about our forecast herei.
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>> wheel jerking about fog and drizzle it is drizzle heavy at times with . the fog is covering the hills one. this is a satellite view of the fog and it will pull back around noontime our temperatures are still in the mild side 63 in antioch 62 in san jose mom what this is i'll look of our high
6:36 am
temperatures or later on this afternoon. ma71 is what we're expecting in oakland. in the north bay upper '70's 81 expected in santa rosa. will warming up nicely
6:37 am
for saturday and sunday time now 636 a m and traffic >> not a hot spot but an early slowdown for the west bound ride there was a report of a hit-and-run accident out near treasure island hamburg treated like a stall when lanes are not block they did turn the metering lights on early this morning we are seeing slow traffic moving up the incline. whe it is now a 14-15
6:38 am
minute ride your ride to the san mateo bridge problem free there was a stall reported but we have shoulders on both sides so there is no backup of traffic. golden gate bridge and less fog than yesterday . 101 southbound nearly 380 and s f old there's a report of a multi vehicle crash the latest update from a highway patrol everything is on the other shoulder no delays southbound. made we're keeping our eyes on wall street and we had arise in unemployment may it could
6:39 am
be the verizon workers that were out on strike night there are now back to work had. >> we are also keeping our eyes on apple stock. stock is down $6 a share fo. >> a live look at the bahamas as i remit works airways role it is making its way through the to the east coast it will be the first major hurricane to hit there are in seven years.
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a quick death date on your weather forecast temperatures in the '60s and then we will heat up in the weekend up to the '90s. been
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we are tracking a major hurricane that is going to hit the east coast it could be hitting the outer banks of carolina hurricane i've been is battering the bahamas right now woah we will have to watch and see what happens with this storm white that i is not very visible but it is hammering the small islands off the bahamas will be a
6:47 am
category three out of five it will hit the barrier islands off of carolina on saturday. it could eventually hit close to new york city and into connecticut and massachusetts it is unusual for a power for hurricane to the coast debut winds are hundred and 50 mi. or our right now. we are getting reports of major damage in of the and the effects that will be heading to the united states. >> it is 6:47 a.m. all we are dealing with a lot of
6:48 am
fog and cloud cover. different story out to the east and walnut creek we have some cloud cover out there. when less walking through will we're expecting today condemns you can see on the satellite photos reveal how widespread the fog is. member if there are delays at the airport we will be reporting that to you as soon as we get that information. when this is
6:49 am
all look of temperatures currently in the area by noontime we will have 80s in some areas. wan temperatures will cool as we head into the 8:00 p.m. our this is a quick to fly around at the bay area taking all look at temperatures. memb in the north bay we're looking for low 80s your seven day forecast we will keep it on the mild side including tomorrow we
6:50 am
will warm up slightly as we head into saturday and sunday next week we will have plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures and now a check with your commute to >> looks like we dodged a bullet there was a multi vehicle accident and it was clear to the shoulder before it got a chance to back up the ride why. weinberg we'll start our bridge check at the toll plaza of traffic is bad up past 880 overpass the the incident dahmer clear very quickly and no obstructions them across the bridge right now metering lights are cycling at a pretty good right when your ride to the san mateo
6:51 am
bridge and pretty good volume up a little maddening no delays for your was done commute member . and your southbound 101 the golden gate bridge and no problems >> time now is six or 51 pitch of former drug lords it will be calling for peace daryl read is teaming up with urban peace movement and this is falling the shooting and killing of a three year old child the event is called each her famous of mt. and it will be held in oakland >> thousands of evacuees returning home after fire crews contained that propane burning tanker. now that the
6:52 am
danger of an explosion is bailout the propane to burn itself off. some 4800 homes were evacuated and 6000 students missed the first day of class class's will resume on tomorrow or monday >> a walkway collapsed and sent to people to the ground man. the two people that fell were taken to the >> one person has died after a bad crash in new jersey after a tractor trailer smashed into what tour bus to passengers suffered serious injuries that track
6:53 am
jackknifed along the jersey turnpike it is unclear what caused the driver to lose control man. forced out of hiding casey anthony is now in florida she had pled guilty to check fraud. why this is video of her previous after she was acquitted of killing her two year-old daughter. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news as we take look outside at from our mt. tam camera. we will update you on our forecast will we come back deed ....
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time now 656 a m jason bateman and is blessed once again he is expecting a new baby girl they already have a four year-old daughter francesca member. >> we are keeping our eyes on wall street right now it is down 14 points we just had a report that warren buffett is going to invest 50 billion dollars in bank of america. and we are also keeping our eye on stocks and for apple now that steve jobs announced his resignation >> it will be much warmer for the weekend and then we will cool down at once again on that the beginning of the week .
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>> will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues and this is a look from our roof camera we are still watching the fog. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again?
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[ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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